David Roachford


David Roachford has analyzed best practices for transportation demand management ordinances and policies to reduce vehicle miles traveled in the City of Los Angeles. He has created a methodology for bicycle counting within the City of Los Angeles to quantify cyclists with the use of automated counting devices.

David has conducted two studies on Los Angeles development review metrics to determine the need for changes to current City standards. One study focused on vehicular volumes to see if developments overestimated their traffic impacts during peak hours, while the second analyzed City parking requirements to quantify the differences between code requirements, specific plans, and the number of spaces proposed by developers. David has also studied neighborhoods surrounding Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority stations to determine the socioeconomic impacts; specifically housing rental rates, median incomes, race, and education, as compared to communities without stations.


1 year


Bachelor of Science,
Policy Planning and Development - Sustainable Planning focus
Minor, Spatial Studies
University of Southern California


Institute of Transportation Engineers