Senior Associate

Brian Hartshorn has 28 years of experience in large and small scale transportation impact reports, including new development, redevelopment, land use modifications, general plan amendments, parking analyses, and access and circulation review studies throughout Southern California. Brian specializes in complex network analyses, coordinated systems analyses, large data collection projects, specific plans, and micro-simulation for planning, operational, and presentation needs.

Brian recently created micro-simulations and circulation studies for NBCUniversal to demonstrate the effect of freeway ramp alternatives, driver travel times, and toll plaza discharge rates. He built a micro-simulation for the Downtown Los Angeles Streetcar alignment to test travel speeds and delays within the corridor, which required application of advanced detection and priority signal phasing. Other micro-simulations have been calibrated to test pedestrian movement through busy intersections, including “scramble” type operations and/or grade separated crossings, as well as public transit stops, fixed rail systems, and bicycle corridors. He is currently involved in several circulation improvement projects for area schools with complex pick-up and drop-off activities, as well as managing large scale data collection efforts for projects requiring annual reporting of trip caps. Ongoing projects include traffic impact studies for large transit oriented developments and mixed-use projects throughout the area, including the Jefferson & La Cienega and College Station projects, among other similar uses in Chinatown, Downtown, and those clustered near high-volume transit corridors. Brian continues to work on redevelopment projects from San Diego to Los Angeles.

After graduating from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Theatre, Brian worked as a theatre director and stage manager in Southern California and New York City before joining the world of transportation engineering in San Diego.